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What to do when your nanny calls out sick: backup care options

Breathe, relax, you will be fine

It’s Monday morning, your little one just woke up and you’re set to start the week on the right foot. Just as you check your phone though you notice your nanny has messaged you to say they cannot come in. You have a meeting you can’t get out of first thing in the morning, so what do you do? Whether you get an hour, two hours or 24 hours, having backup care needs to be a part of your child care plan.

Not having a plan B (or C for that matter) in place before this inevitable part of having a nanny for your little one may cause a lot of panic and anxiety. Besides, not all of us can take a day off at a moment’s notice or have the work flexibility that allows us to move our day around to stay home on that day. And so let’s explore the different options out there.

If your family situation involves two parents, then having the conversation with the other parent before this situation arises is also advisable – the easiest solution may be to simply share the days off amongst both of you if your work situations allow.

And most of all remember this: it will happen.

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